How to connect a mouse to a computer

Connect a mouse to a computer with these provided steps !!

Mouse makes the working of a computer more easy as the user can easily scroll on the systems through a mouse and can do whatever they want to do with the help of it. So to connect the mouse one should follow the steps that are made for it and that too in the correct way so that no issues are faced.

There are the steps to connect a mouse to a computer mentioned below:

  • Firstly, the user is required to search for the USB port at the back side of their computer systems.
  • When they get the USB port then the mouse should be plugged in that respective port.
  • When the mouse is connected, the system will show an automated message that the mouse has been connected.
  • Then the user needs to make sure that the batteries of the mouse is charged and is in working conditions.
  • Also make sure that the mouse is turned on and in working condition.

If anytime the users face any issues related to these steps then they can simply contact the mouse support and can get the best assistance from the concerned representatives available for them. The support services available can be contacted at any hour of the day so that all the issues are solved instantly.

How to Connect Android Phone to Computer

How to connect Android device to the computer?

Android user can transfer files easily to the computer using the USB cable. The cable known as data cable is mainly used for connecting the Android device to a PC. Irrespective of the operating system, user can easily connect the two devices and transfer files, music, and videos easily. There are various ways to get connected to the computer with your Android device but USB cable is the best alternative option. Mobile user gets the USB cable with the Smartphone pack including the headphone.

Here are the steps to connect the Android device to the computer using a USB cable –

  • Unlock the Android device first.
  • Then connect one end of the cable on the phone and the other point to the computer port.
  • On the Android device, tap ‘USB for….’ Notifications.
  • Now select ‘Transfer Files’ option.
  • As the file transfer window appears, use it to drag the file.
  • Once the transfer is done, user can eject the device from the Windows.
  • Now unplug the USB device as you are done with the work.

Not able to connect Android phone to computer? Contact the experts or support professionals for assistance. There are various other ways to connect the devices and user can get all the necessary assistance over the helpline number.

How to connect printer to a computer

Proficient solution to connect printer efficiently to a computer

To connect a printer to a computer is a challenging task to perform. No need to panic, just walk through on one stop solution that has been described in below steps:-

  • First of all, user is required to connect printer to a computer system through cable
  • Now user is required to switch on printer with start button
  • Moving to next step, once the printer gets turned on, user is required to plug in printer by making swift use of USB cable
  • Now the user is required to hit the start option
  • For the next step, user is required to hit click on gear icon setting option
  • Moving to next step, user is required to hit click on device option
  • Moreover, user is required to hit click on printers and scanner option available on screen
  • Now user is required to proceed with single click on add printer and scanner option
  • Moreover, user is required to hit click on printer name and hit single click on add device option
  • Based on type of printer, user can specifically customize setting in error free manner
  • Printer is ready for use. User can now print document in swift manner.

For further discrepancy related to printer glitches, user can directly place call on toll free number 24/7 round the globe in remarkable manner. Technical expertise are highly qualified to render satisfactory solution in jiffy and that too at free of cost.

How to Connect Wireless Keyboard to your Computer?

Are you bored of using your computer with a wired keyboard? Then why don’t you try a wireless keyboard? There is no rocket science to connect a wireless keyboard to your computer. In this article, you will learn how to connect wireless keyboard to computer with some easy steps which are given below:

Connect a Wireless keyboard on Windows 10

· First, open your computer and then go to the Start menu.
· Click on the Settings.
· Now click on Devices and then choose Bluetooth & other devices.
· Now click on the Bluetooth tab to turn on your computer’s Bluetooth.
· After that, turn on your keyboard. For this, you need to find On/Off switch on your keyboard and after
finding, turn it on.
· Now a new window will appear with Mouse, Keyboard, & Pen and then click on your keyboard’s name.
· Now click on the Pair tab to complete the procedure.

Connect a Wireless keyboard on Windows 7

· Click the Start icon, then click on the Control Panel.
· Now go to the Devices and Printer tab and then click on the Add a Device.
· Now turn on your keyboard with On/Off switch which is located at your keyboard.
· After that, look your keyboard’s name and then click on the Next.
· Now wait for few seconds until keyboard to finish connecting.