How to register a Domain Name

Domain name is a technical term which refers to an identification string which states a dimension or an area of administrative authority, autonomy or control within the Internet. They are formed by following a series of steps and by abiding to the rules. The Domain Name Registration is usually conducted by domain name registrars who trade their services with the public. Some popular domain name registrars are GoDaddy, WIX, WordPress etc.

Domain Name Registration

To register your domain name means to purchase your chosen domain name so that nobody else, except you can use that domain name but it should be kept in mind that you buy it for a time period on the expiry of which, your domain name becomes unregistered. But you can register it again in the future. For Domain Name Registration just follow the steps given below:

Go to any domain name registrar’s website from which you would like to get your domain name registered. Now you type in your chosen domain name.
Then you check if your domain name is available for registration or not. If it is available, then you select the $2.99 option and click on “Continue to Cart” option on the top right. If not available, then you will have to choose a different name.
Now you select “No Thanks” option under “Select plan”.
You scroll down and click on “Continue with these options”.
You select the term you think is appropriate and proceed to checkout. You will see that for long terms prices are cheaper.


Domain names make a huge difference by creating a successful web presence instead of letting people get lost in the cyberspace. Domain names are important because of many reasons:

Credibility – It adds credibility to your business as it makes your company look professional. If you launch your website through a free web host site or an ISP, this will give you generic domain that does not really convince people to invest in your company.

Build Your Brand – A domain name helps you build your brand. When the name of your company is same as the domain name, then your business gets repetitive customers and helps the customer to remember your brand name and that they can even suggest it to their friends.

Forward thinking – When you have your own domain name, it indicates that you are fully aware of the present as well as the upcoming technology. It gives people an impression that you are a part of the digital revolution.

Internet Presence Mobility – When you have your very own domain name, then you can shift your office as many times as you want but this will not affect your web page. Your customers will be able to reach you at the same address. This will not destroy the branding of your website.

How to contact the Domain Registration support team for assistance?

If you have any issues, then you may contact their friendly support team whose services are available 24*7. The support team is always ready to help you with Domain Name Registration or How to register a domain name and treats you very courteously.