Apple Safari Not Working

Apple Safari Not Working | Apple Safari Not Responding | Apple Safari Not Loading

How to fix Apple Safari Not Working problem ?

Apple Safari is a web browser developed by Apple and is the default browser on the Apple devices. It provides various features to the users including private browsing etc. When Safari stops working or responding, it becomes difficult for the users to handle such issues. These issues can be because of extensions, add-ons or plugins or other reasons. If you are also facing such issues, you can try the following things in order to correct it.

  • Turn off the Safari extensions : Turn off the Safari extensions to check if it is causing the problem. You can simply turn off the extensions by clicking on the Uninstall button.
  • Remove add-ons and Internet plug-ins : Remove the add-ons and plug-ins if they are causing the problem in the working of Apple Safari. Also, remove the cookies, cache or other website data.
  • Check the Parental Controls : Check the administrator to see if the site you’re trying to visit is restricted by Parental Controls or not.
  • Change the network : If your Safari crashes, you can try a different network.
  • Reset the Network Settings : Sometimes, there may be some incorrect network settings. Therefore, you can check your network settings and reset them.
  • Clear the Safari History and the website data : If your Apple Safari is working slow, you can erase the history and the data to speed it up but remember you will lose all the browsing history, preference, login data etc.
  • Restart your device : Sometimes, restarting your device solves many such issues. In this way, your Safari will work normal.

If you are still facing issues with your browser such as Apple Safari Not Working, Apple Safari Not Responding etc, you can connect with the customer service team available at your service round the clock. They are experienced and capable enough to solve such issues within a limited period of time and with the best solutions.

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