How to register a Domain Name

Domain name is a technical term which refers to an identification string which states a dimension or an area of administrative authority, autonomy or control within the Internet. They are formed by following a series of steps and by abiding to the rules. The Domain Name Registration is usually conducted by domain name registrars who trade their services with the public. Some popular domain name registrars are GoDaddy, WIX, WordPress etc.

Domain Name Registration

To register your domain name means to purchase your chosen domain name so that nobody else, except you can use that domain name but it should be kept in mind that you buy it for a time period on the expiry of which, your domain name becomes unregistered. But you can register it again in the future. For Domain Name Registration just follow the steps given below:

Go to any domain name registrar’s website from which you would like to get your domain name registered. Now you type in your chosen domain name.
Then you check if your domain name is available for registration or not. If it is available, then you select the $2.99 option and click on “Continue to Cart” option on the top right. If not available, then you will have to choose a different name.
Now you select “No Thanks” option under “Select plan”.
You scroll down and click on “Continue with these options”.
You select the term you think is appropriate and proceed to checkout. You will see that for long terms prices are cheaper.


Domain names make a huge difference by creating a successful web presence instead of letting people get lost in the cyberspace. Domain names are important because of many reasons:

Credibility – It adds credibility to your business as it makes your company look professional. If you launch your website through a free web host site or an ISP, this will give you generic domain that does not really convince people to invest in your company.

Build Your Brand – A domain name helps you build your brand. When the name of your company is same as the domain name, then your business gets repetitive customers and helps the customer to remember your brand name and that they can even suggest it to their friends.

Forward thinking – When you have your own domain name, it indicates that you are fully aware of the present as well as the upcoming technology. It gives people an impression that you are a part of the digital revolution.

Internet Presence Mobility – When you have your very own domain name, then you can shift your office as many times as you want but this will not affect your web page. Your customers will be able to reach you at the same address. This will not destroy the branding of your website.

How to contact the Domain Registration support team for assistance?

If you have any issues, then you may contact their friendly support team whose services are available 24*7. The support team is always ready to help you with Domain Name Registration or How to register a domain name and treats you very courteously.

Bigpond Technical Support

Bigpond provided by Telstra is the most reliable webmail services among the services available and it can be easily configured with different devices like iPhone, Android, iPad, iPod etc. It offers amazing features to its users so that the users can use this web mail service easily and without any difficulties.
Despite of all the facilities that are made available to the users, the people might face some difficulties with their email account which they find difficult to deal with. If in case the user encountered a problem with their email account, they can take help from the Bigpond Technical Support expert team which are available for their service round the clock.

Discuss any of the below issues with the Bigpond Customer Service team

Some of the most common issues solved by the Bigpond Customer Service experts are listed below :
  • Login and Sign Up issues in Bigpond email
  • Bigpond Password Recovery or Reset Issues
  • Bigpond Setup Issues
  • Issues with Inbox and Outbox emails
  • Issues associated with Updation and Establishment and many more

How to configure your Bigpond Email Account ?

Follow the steps that are given below to configure your Bigpond email account on some other email platform :
  • Go to the Settings option in Outlook
  • Click on the Mail account and select POP and IMAP mail server options
  • Add the Bigpond email address and then click on the SMTP mail server
  • Click on the Next option while doing the same thing
  • Now, click on the SSL mail server and enter the password into the respective fields

How to get Bigpond Technical Support Phone Number ?

If you are still facing any issues with your Bigpond email account, the user can easily get in touch with the Bigpond Technical Support team of experts which are accessible to serve you all day so that you don’t have to wait for a specific time to call them. Our trained and experienced technicians will take care of all your related issues and provide you with the best possible solution.

iCloud Customer Service

Get in touch with iCloud Customer Service experts

Icloud is a virtual storage space where you can store all your important information such as documents, videos, pictures, music and much more. It provides astounding features to its users such as ample storage space, web services, IMAP access etc. iCloud is one of the most widely used and popular services that are used by people all over the world. It is very easy to set up iCloud on your device without any hassle. But there are certain times when people face multiple issues regarding iCloud. The most common issues are listed below with their solutions which the user can follow. The users can also take help from the iCloud Technical Support team which are always available for their services. The iCloud Customer Service experts are trained and qualified enough to get all your issues resolved within no time.

How to create iCloud account ?

Follow the steps below to create an iCloud account :

  • Go to the Settings option on your iPhone device
  • On the top of the screen, tap Sign in to your iPhone option
  • Select the ‘Don’t have an Apple ID or Forgot it’ option
  • Select the Create Apple ID option and enter the onscreen instructions like Date of Birth etc
  • Now create a Username and Password for yourself for your iCloud ID
  • Set a security question and agree to the terms and conditions given after reading it
  • Select Merge or Don’t Merge option to sync your iCloud data
  • Click OK to confirm and you are done with the process

iCloud Password Recovery

If the user has lost his/her password, they can follow the steps that are given below :

  • Open your account on the website
  • Enter your iCloud existing password
  • If it is not able to open with your existing password, then request Apple to block your account and they will send a password to your registered number
  • Open your acccount with this received password
  • If your account opens, change the password immediately and some other security questions

How to contact the iCloud Customer Service Phone Number ?

In case if you are struck with any of the above mentioned issues or any other related problems, contact iCloud Customer Service Phone Number to get in touch with the iCloud technical support team. The easiest way to get instant support is through the iCloud Customer Service technicians available for your help anytime as per your requirement.

Hotmail Account Recovery

How to recover your Hotmail email account on Mobile ?

Hotmail is one of the widely used email service providers which provides various functionalities to the users. But there are some issues that are usually faced by the people while using their Hotmail email accounts. One of the most common issue is Hotmail Account Recovery or Hotmail Password Reset. If you are also facing the same issue or any other issues, you can simply follow the steps that are given below or you an also take help from the Hotmail Account Recovery expert team.

Steps for Hotmail Account Recovery

If you want to recover your Hotmail account, follow these steps below :

  • Open your Outlook app on your device
  • Enter your email account address in the given field
  • Now, tap the Forgot My Password link that is present at the bottom of the screen
  • Check I forgot my password option on the top of the page and click on Next
  • Enter the verification code in the text box as shown and tap Next
  • Choose the account recovery option i.e through email or text
  • Enter the email address or phone number on which you want to receive the recovery code and click on the Send option
  • Now, retrieve the recovery code received through email address or phone number
  • Enter the recovery code in the given field and click on Next and it will redirect you to the password recovery page
  • Submit a new password in New Password and Reenter Password fields in order to confirm it
  • Click Next. This will take you to the Log-in page where you can easily access your email account by entering your email address and new password

If you are still facing any issues with your Hotmail email account, you can take help from the Hotmail Account Recovery expert team which provides instant solutions within a limited period of time. The Hotmail Password Recovery team are capable to solve any Hotmail related issues and resolves them within a span of time.

Other services are :

Hotmail Password Recovery

Hotmail Password Reset

Mozilla Firefox Not Working

Is your Mozilla Firefox Not Working ?

Mozilla Firefox is no doubt the top-rated Internet browsers that is used by people all over the world. The different add-ons that comes with it are highly functional and it has an excellent design and utility. However, the users may sometimes face certain issues with their Firefox and the most common of them is Mozilla Firefox Not Working or Responding error.

How to fix the Mozilla Firefox Not Responding error ?

It is pretty annoying that when you are using your Mozilla Firefox browser and it stops abruptly and you see a Not Responding error. Well, there are certain solutions for such cases so that you do not have to face such problems. Some of the required solutions are given below :

  • Turn off the Hardware Acceleration if the problem is caused by graphics card or graphics setup. To do that, open Firefox Window > Go to Firefox tab on the upper left > Options > Advanced Panel > General Tab > Uncheck use Hardware Acceleration. Now click exit to restart Mozilla Firefox.
  • The problem can be because of outdated plug-ins. For that, Firefox Tab > Help > Troubleshooting Information. Click on Application Basics Section > Show Folder > Delete pluginreg.datfile. Go back to the Firefox tab and restart.
  • Not Responding error can be due to multiple copies of Firefox’s Session Restore as well. To delete them, go to Firefox Tab > Help > Troubleshooting Information > Click Show Folder under Application Basics Section > Exit Firefox > delete sessionstore.js
  • If none of the above methods work, reset the settings to Factory default.

If you are still facing issues with your Mozilla Firefox web browser, get complete help from the customer service experts. The technicians are experienced and trained to solve such kind of issues with the best solutions and resolve your issues within a short span of time.

Apple Safari Not Working

How to fix Apple Safari Not Working problem ?

Apple Safari is a web browser developed by Apple and is the default browser on the Apple devices. It provides various features to the users including private browsing etc. When Safari stops working or responding, it becomes difficult for the users to handle such issues. These issues can be because of extensions, add-ons or plugins or other reasons. If you are also facing such issues, you can try the following things in order to correct it.

  • Turn off the Safari extensions : Turn off the Safari extensions to check if it is causing the problem. You can simply turn off the extensions by clicking on the Uninstall button.
  • Remove add-ons and Internet plug-ins : Remove the add-ons and plug-ins if they are causing the problem in the working of Apple Safari. Also, remove the cookies, cache or other website data.
  • Check the Parental Controls : Check the administrator to see if the site you’re trying to visit is restricted by Parental Controls or not.
  • Change the network : If your Safari crashes, you can try a different network.
  • Reset the Network Settings : Sometimes, there may be some incorrect network settings. Therefore, you can check your network settings and reset them.
  • Clear the Safari History and the website data : If your Apple Safari is working slow, you can erase the history and the data to speed it up but remember you will lose all the browsing history, preference, login data etc.
  • Restart your device : Sometimes, restarting your device solves many such issues. In this way, your Safari will work normal.

If you are still facing issues with your browser such as Apple Safari Not Working, Apple Safari Not Responding etc, you can connect with the customer service team available at your service round the clock. They are experienced and capable enough to solve such issues within a limited period of time and with the best solutions.

Juno Email Customer Service

Get to know about Juno Email

Juno is an email service provider popularly known for its free dial-up email service. It consists of several features because of which the user do not feel the need to switch their email accounts to other service providers. But there are certain situations as well where the users are not able to access their email accounts. Therefore, it is recommended to take help from the Juno email customer service team in order to get proper guidance and support.

There are some common issues that the user might face while using their Juno email account. The issues are listed below and are easily solved by the Juno email customer support experts. The below issues has been solved by the customer service team :

  • How to delete Juno email account?
  • How to recover Juno password?
  • Juno email account sign up
  • How to reset Juno password?
  • How to access Juno email?
  • How to send the mails in bulk section
  • How to sync Juno email with other email account?

These are some of the issues which are solved by the Juno email technical team. The experts are capable enough to handle any related issues with the Juno email.

How to recover Juno password ?

If you want to recover your Juno email password, follow the steps that are given below :

  • Click on the Login option on the webmail service
  • There you will see the Help Center option just below the Password section
  • Click on it and fill the account details
  • Now you will get two options to reset your password either through SMS link or via email
  • When you open the link, you will be redirected to a new page where a new password will be generated
  • Type the password twice for the confirmation
  • A one-time code will be generated to your phone or email
  • Enter this code in the desired section and click on the Next option
  • Now, you will be able to access your Juno email account

How to contact the Juno Email Customer Service Phone Number ?

For the users who need help and support for any Juno email technical issues, they are required to connect with the technical team via the Juno Email Customer Service Phone Number. The Juno email customer support experts are experts in their knowledge and provides you with excellent solutions so that you do not have to face any difficulties while using your Juno email accounts.

Blueyonder Email Technical Support

Blueyonder email : How efficiently you could use it

Blueyonder email is a product of virgin media which provides email service provider which I used for sending and receiving email over the internet. This email application is used for accessing all the attachment which is sent by other user. With this email application, you may transfer your current account to another virgin media platform.

However, this email application provides qualitative features but it is not free from errors. When you use Blueyonder mail then sometime you may face some technical issues with it. There are so many which can arise suddenly while accessing it. To access your account, you need to fix all the issue. If you are not aware how to fix this issue then you may take help from Blueyonder Email Technical Support. They will provide you the best guidance to solve all the issue. Some common issues which are solved by Blueyonder technician are as follows.

  • How to resolve login issue with Blueyonder email?
  • How may you reset password from Blueyonder email?
  • How to fix when you are unable to create account on Blueyonder email?
  • How to fix Blueyonder email synchronization error?
  • How may you recover Blueyonder email password?
  • Internal server error with Blueyonder email?
  • How to set up Blueyonder email account on your device?
  • How to install Blueyonder email on your device?
  • How to prevent hacking issue?
  • Problem with sending/receiving email?

How to reset Blueyonder email password?

To know the process of Blueyonder email password, you must take assistance from Blueyonder Email Customer Service. Blueyonder email technician are well qualified and experienced, they must provide you how to reset password.

  • First of all you need to login your account then enter your email id and password.
  • Here you need to go to the profile option then select manage accounts.
  • You need to click on the account concerned.
  • After that you need to click on the change to the password for primary account.
  • Then you need to change the password for secondary account.
  • Here you need to new password then again type for confirmation.

How to contact Blueyonder Email Technical Support Team?

If you are getting any issue with Blueyonder email then you do not need to be more panic. To get rid of all the technical error, you need to call on Blueyonder Email Technical Support Phone Number. You will be in direct contact of Blueyonder email technician after making call on this number. You will get major help from Blueyonder customer service agents. The team is available all through the year. They will be extremely happy to assist you.

iPad Customer Support

The best iPad Customer Support

iPad is basically a series of tablet computers developed and manufactured by Apple inc. for the user and for their use. Ipad tablets work on the iOS operating systems and have all the features and tools for its working. Besides, iPad tablets can be purchased from any Apple store and can also be ordered online.

So, to get more details on iPad devices, it’s series and its features the user can straightaway get in touch with the iPad customer support and can talk with the representatives available for the user on iPad Customer Support Phone Number.

Get details for iPad device & it’s Issues:

Issues solved by the iPad Customer Support team

On the other hand, there are issues that are associated with iPad and its working and occurs every now and then while the user is utilising it. The issues that the user face are somewhat technical and requires the best and appropriate iPad tablet support. Therefore, mentioned below are some of the issues that the iPad users face & solved by iPad Customer Support team:

  • Issues in connecting iPad with iTunes.
  • Issues in setting up iPad from the iCloud back up.
  • Issues of internal memory space.
  • Issues in setting up various email domain on iPad.
  • Ipad device back up issues.
  • Icloud account not working on iPad issues.

iPad Customer Service Number

Hence, these are the issues or glitches that the user face while undertaking their work on iPad device. These issues require troubleshooting steps for its solution and for this purpose the user can directly call on the iPad support phone number available on the iPad site. This particular iPad Customer Support Number can be availed by the user at any hour of the day as it is active for 24 hours for the user’s support.

Also the user can get in touch with the iPad customer support team members and can provide their feedback related to their experience with the iPad. The customer service executives can also be contacted whenever the user wish to and the user can seek the best iPad Customer Service help from experts .

How to contact iPad Customer Support Phone Number ?

If the user is willing to contact the iPad customer support team members then they can surely call on their iPad Customer Support Phone Number. The number can be availed by visiting the website and further to dial it.

The user can even use their email address and can send their queries to the executives at any time. The email support facility is also open for all day long so that the user can get the solutions immediately without much time.

Roadrunner Customer Support

Roadrunner email issues and ways to contact Roadrunner Customer Support

Roadrunner email service is the advance system of communicating with each other, it is easy-to-use mailing service that lets you receive and send email from anywhere in the world. With Roadrunner email, you would be able to access your email account  from any pc with a stable internet connection. Using your email to commute with family, friends or deal with business partners is easy and comfortable, but if any interruption occurs, it is pain in head.

Get Roadrunner Customer Service for instant solutions

Internet and emailing systems run on technology and millions of servers are there to keep it going fine. But if you get any issues using your Roadrunner account smoothly, you may contact Roadrunner customer support and get the best support in solving any issue related to Roadrunner email. Following are some of the most common issues users may get from time to time:

  • Unable to launch the roadrunner mail on mobile.
  • Due to some technical problem, not being able to send or receive emails.
  • Installation and configuration setting issues in account
  • Issues with downloading attachments.
  • Error message appears while optimizing the password and security option.
  • Receiving fishy emails, looks like account has been hacked.
  • Settings do not let you block some specific email addresses.
  • Reset password failure.

Get instant help by Roadrunner Customer Service Number

If you are also having such kind of issues, you may contact Roadrunner customer supportto get quick and prompt solution to any tech problem in using Roadrunner emailing service. The customer support team is available 24/7, their skilled and dedicated members have solution to every query or problem users are facing.

How to contact Roadrunner Customer Support Phone Number

Roadrunner customer support team helps you in solving issues related to creating an account, managing your emails in sections and categories, recovering blocked accounts, providing you security assurance, recovering or resetting your email account and many more problems users may get. For any kind of technical issue regarding Roadrunner email or any kind of technical issue can be solved by calling Roadrunner customer support phone number. Once you contact them, you will surely get better assistance solving technical issues.