How to connect a mouse to a computer

How to connect a mouse to a computer

Connect a mouse to a computer with these provided steps !!

Mouse makes the working of a computer more easy as the user can easily scroll on the systems through a mouse and can do whatever they want to do with the help of it. So to connect the mouse one should follow the steps that are made for it and that too in the correct way so that no issues are faced.

There are the steps to connect a mouse to a computer mentioned below:

  • Firstly, the user is required to search for the USB port at the back side of their computer systems.
  • When they get the USB port then the mouse should be plugged in that respective port.
  • When the mouse is connected, the system will show an automated message that the mouse has been connected.
  • Then the user needs to make sure that the batteries of the mouse is charged and is in working conditions.
  • Also make sure that the mouse is turned on and in working condition.

If anytime the users face any issues related to these steps then they can simply contact the mouse support and can get the best assistance from the concerned representatives available for them. The support services available can be contacted at any hour of the day so that all the issues are solved instantly.

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  1. i have a verbatim mini nano optical mouse. it stopped working. i put new battery in. tried holding connect key. it still won’t work. what to do?

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